open handed

I have become bored of the internet, of politics, of recording and producing music, of achieving stature or mastery in knowledge or writing, of performing or spectating… I have become interested in one thing and one thing only– it is speaking the music of garden eyes, of gazing into the setting suns eternal door, spending […]

‘Why are you concerned about the forest?’

Well answering that could go on forever. And thats part of the beauty of the forest, that the proliferation of its meanings is endlessly variegating. Also, the forest both engenders the ends of what humanity seeks to bring about, as well as the means, the wisdom to bring it about. Yet paradoxically it is threatened, […]

the “materiality” of cellphones

the materiality of cellphones– how the cellphone sheds its physical forms and continues on eternally as both a virtual, informational entity, and also more profoundly as a spirit or nexus of relationships between things and beings in the world. Furthermore we hold them as if we know what they are, as if we can create […]

drinking in the air

As long as being present feels boring, meditation will be a chore. Meditation ceases to be a laborous task when I connect with the experience of being present as that which I thirst for. The absence of thirst being that itself for which I do. When being in the present ceases to be a means […]

“the power of letting” in meditation

Meditation can be a refuge from difficult things, it doesnt need to be a stressful activity to work hard at. Meditating does not need to be a forceful domestication or wrangling of the minds focus. When I sit down to meditate, I have already chosen to pursue something I want: focus, calmness, presence, etc. I […]

notes on materiality, interconnectedness, possession and committment, unattachment, relationship

thinking buddhism while studying materiality a la the introduction to “Practicing Materiality” ed. Ruth M. Van Dyke — archaeology, sociology, anthropology, phenomenology, history. interconnectedness, interdependent origination — these are essential to buddhist philosophies. in relationships — intention, expectation, possession, committment // non-committal, independence. “He who binds to himself a joy / Does the winged life […]

Sweeping amidst…

Sweeping amidst the stars, the high up peep peeping singing ring amidst and froth, till tarrying lingers and sets an ashen breeze upon the water. And away here we find ferming and the slot in churned and rotten burge of logs and mud of sand, the stones weep from the hillside and the roots they […]