notes on materiality, interconnectedness, possession and committment, unattachment, relationship

thinking buddhism while studying materiality a la the introduction to “Practicing Materiality” ed. Ruth M. Van Dyke — archaeology, sociology, anthropology, phenomenology, history. interconnectedness, interdependent origination — these are essential to buddhist philosophies. in relationships — intention, expectation, possession, committment // non-committal, independence. “He who binds to himself a joy / Does the winged life […]

Sweeping amidst…

Sweeping amidst the stars, the high up peep peeping singing ring amidst and froth, till tarrying lingers and sets an ashen breeze upon the water. And away here we find ferming and the slot in churned and rotten burge of logs and mud of sand, the stones weep from the hillside and the roots they […]

collaboration: reciprocity, transduction

The practice of transduction embraces the opposition of reception and action, reconciling paradoxes of listening and speaking at once. At its most base it is the condition through which musicians act as crystals refracting the light which passes through them, as screens which sift, nonconsenting judges and directors of traffic, translators, stewards of otherness and […]

some more Theatre Games

This is the first post in what will one day, hopefully, be a series of posts including theatre games, experimental choral exercises, weird social gathering constraints, whimsical wooly stuff. Mates / Dating Zoo / Companions Everybody sits in a circle. One person is it/judge; they will sit out for the round, but first they go […]

Oil is Sacred

Oil is sacred? Powerful medicines can also be poisonous. Power engenders potential for healing and danger. Sacred fossil blood, gardeners gold of dinosaurs, agent beings so richly composted deep within the earth– it burns the world with its touch of extreme fecundity. It is impatience, greed and carelessness which spill this substance, drunk on its […]